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I ll be the first to admit, I m feckin useless at chess.Bobby made me a little less feckin usless. The book focuses on the endgame back rank mating It is organized into so called Frames in which there are checkmating lessons, puzzles and solutions I could say the book is aimed at the beginners but that doesn t mean chess players of higher ranks won t have benefit from it It opens up your eyes to look for checkmate opportunities.Recommended to those who are interested in chess.I suggest you write down numbers of the frames that seemed challenging to you, so that in case you decided to review, you can refer to those frames.P.S You can feel Bobby Fischer s pride in the sentences of this book.

This book would be better titled Bobby Fischer Teaches a Very Limited Set of Mating Positions It does a good job of teaching a person to recognize opportunities for checkmate What it doesn t do is teach chess There is nothing here about openings, middle games, or principles of end games like passed pawns, stalemates, etc.The presentation style is good, and the book does a good job of teaching the very limited set of mating positions that it bothers to present And it s short But don t expect to win a lot of games using only this book as a reference You ll never survive against a good player long enough to get to one of these mating positions without understanding controlling the center, pinning pieces, and immobilizing pieces, and getting into mobile positions. I really love Bobby Fischer teaches chess It introduces several key concepts, such as pinning, back rank attacks, interposing etc., and after each concept there are lots of puzzles In the puzzles you have to determine how to accomplish checkmate, if it s checkmate even possible or if it can be avoided as the defender , always by the means that has just been explained except for the mixed bag exercises This really drives home the points and forces you to learn In a real game, you start to see possibilities of checkmates a lot faster, but also your general game improves by understanding these concepts that don t just apply to endgame situations I used to just know the rules and play or less just reacting to moves or improvising, not being able to see a path to victory If you had given me a queen and a rook and unlimited moves without the opponent reacting, it would still probably have taken me forever to checkmate Now so much has become clear My boyfriend said that my chess game improved by at least 200 points just by reading this book You ll likely learn how to do back rank checkmates This was my first chess book. Only really useful for complete beginners. This is the first chess book I ve read cover to cover and as such it s a very interesting read The material is well presented and clear The book doesn t contain much prose, it s essentially a long stream of puzzles for the reader to follow The puzzles build in difficulty and between the advancement of the puzzles and repetition the underlying concept starts to become clear As a mode of interaction I found that very pleasant Certainly my back rank mating skills are markedly improved having read this book.There are some negatives about the book Firstly the truth about the book is that it has aged somewhat Back rank mates will work against weaker players but stronger players will be well schooled in the defence of such attempts That being said my perception I think it is still a useful body of knowledge to have Secondly the first chapter or so which teaches the moves of the pieces seems redundant I could be wrong but I don t think many kids will be picking this as their way into learning chess Finally, the fact the second half of the book is printed upside down is a real annoyance Surely there are better ways to make the puzzles work Overall a good book, I d recommend it to players who want to polish their mating but seasoned players will likely be beyond this book. This book is about the one thing Bobby Fisher undeniably knew well chess this review will not comment on his ideas on other subjects It is an excellent tutorial for improvement, and will work for chess players at any level, or even those who have never played Fisher s premise is that the object of the game is to achieve checkmate, therefore the most basic thing to learn is how to do so For me, this was an excellent shift in perception whereas before my game focused on immediate concerns like taking pieces than my opponent or not losing my queen, after I had done these exercises, I was far focused on the big picture It may seem counterintuitive to learn the game from the end forward, but this really does work and will improve your game Most of the book is made up of exercises which you can work on in the book, or set up your own chessboard and play along Of all the books I have seen which claim to help you improve your game, this is far and away the most effective. {DOWNLOAD KINDLE} ð Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess ⚣ This Book Is Essentially A Teaching Machine The Way A Teaching Machine Works Is It Asks You A Question If You Give The Right Answer, It Goes On To The Next Question If You Give The Wrong Answer, It Tells You Why The Answer Is Wrong And Tells You To Go Back And Try Again This Is Called Programmed Learning The Real Authors Were Experts And Authorities In The Field Of Programmed Learning Bobby Fischer Lent His Name To The Project Stuart Margulies Is A Chess Master And Also A Recognized Authority On Programmed Learning He Is A Widely Published Author Of Than Books, All In The Field Of Programmed Learning, Especially In Learning How To Read For Example, One Of His Books Is Critical Reading For Proficiency Introductory Level Donn Mosenfelder Is Not A Known Or Recognized Chess Player, But He Was The Owner Of The Company That Developed And Designed This Book He Has Written Than Books, Almost All On Basic Reading, Writing And Math Bobby Fischer Teaches Back Rank Mates would be a accurate title, and a title that included the other two coauthors would be accurate still But never mind the cover This is a handy little course in beginner s level tactics The coauthors use their method of programmed instruction, a series of bite sized exercises, each with immediate feedback to reinforce each lesson The scope is limited, but the method is self paced and engaging It has me thinking about using programmed instruction with my students.