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Larp The Battle For Verona is utterly ridiculous A small island off the coast of Washington State is occupied by an invading horde of medieval Mongolsriiighhhtt Then a group of local Live Action Role Players ride in to save the day, not the US military, militia, or even the freakin Boy Scouts, but LARPers.Ooookaaay But all of that is written on the back of the book, so you know going in exactly what you are going to get This is the type of book you pick up because of the absurdity of the story, not in spite of it For me the whole point is being able to abandon myself to the unpredictable nature of the characters who find themselves in a completely unforeseeable circumstance LARP doesn t let you down in this regard Dennis, Freddy, Mark, and Jen a good fun As semi professional twenty somethings they each embody their time Dennis is stuck He can t seem to find meaning in his mundane life Freddy is struggling with an ethnic identity Mark hasn t quite managed to grow up and Jen is determined to find respect as a ferocious woman as opposed to a pretty lady, or worse, Daddy s Little Girl These are characters you recognise from life You see them day in and day out Watching them each overcome their own uniquely modern problems has a certain gratifying feeling to it, as does seeing them concur the external problem I did find that the book repeated itself a lot and this got a little tiresome It also felt like everything wrapped up a little too well I m all for a happy ending, but it all became so hunky dory that it felt a bit like a veneer This was only a small irritant on an otherwise really enjoyable read however. I received a free copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I really thought that a book about LARP geeks defending their homes using their awesome larping skills and know how was going to be my cup of tea All those years of being teased for my inability to let go of my obsession with role playing primed me for this book And the main character s concerns were ones I could easily understand He was worried about wasting his life, about being less than he could be, about not growing up worried that this fascination with LARPing was in some way holding him back His friends I could understand too There was the rules lawyer who found worth in defending the gameto the letterno matter whose feelings were hurt, and there was the peacemaker, who needed the game because that was where he felt connected to his friends Of course there were other stereotypes, like the jock who mocks the game, and the hot girl that the nerd pines after, but believes falsely or not that his gaming obsession keeps them apart.And then there was going to be the vindication when the characters have to battle truly battle for their homes and friends.But the story didn t work for me, as much as I enjoyed the self satisfaction and gratification that I got from it, being a gamer And make no mistake that s what this book was really about This was about lauding the game and making those who didn t play look foolish or washed up or helpless Or making them want to play, because suddenly LARPing saves the world.I guess a few years ago I might have enjoyed that plot But now, it felt very all or nothing As though people shouldn t have hobbies that they enjoy and waste time on for pleasure and friendship and relaxation that s not good enough The MC s self doubt and almost self loathing, as well as his tendency to lash out at everyone, made him feel very immature His learning lessons that teenagers usually learn in his 20 s also didn t really help matters It was hard to argue that he wasn t wasting his life because he believed it, and that was wasting his life Not to mention that he took everything to extremes, and that he felt the need to tear other s down in order to bolster his own shallow defenses.The book was less about the battle for Verona and about defending LARP and its usefulness, as well as providing a bildungsroman for a group of misfit LARPing adventurers and those attached to them But the book probably would have been successful is the coming of age had been accomplished via LARPing, rather than a rather strange Mongolian attack on their home island.I finished the book, but it took me a long time There were parts I liked, but I ultimately don t think I would recommend it or ever read it again. This is a story about some average, if slightly nerdy, guys who go LARPing regularly I.e., dressing up, wielding fake swords and chasing each other about like madmen There s dissension in the group and one member is about to quit when they suddenly find out that their hometown, which is on an isolated island, has been attacked by Mongols.The U.S Army is helpless, as modern weaponry means that, while they could free the island, they d end up flattening it if they tried However, the Mongol army is low tech, without guns The LARPers volunteer to take back their island.The author s descriptions of their hometown, Verona, are lavishly detailed, and the main characters are alive and real with both faults and virtues Aside from some cringeworthy moments when I wanted to kill Mark, the geekiest of the lot, the story flowed well.The battles were entirely too easy and the conclusion of the story too pat, but it was a heartwarming moment nonetheless.I received an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Larp The Battle for Verona was a really interesting read for me It might be because I am a nerd and I used to LARP live action role play for those who don t know in the World of Darkness and I m an avid fan and player of Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and pretty much any other system that I can play in So to me nothing could be better then donning armor and going to save the world Okay in this case it s an island but your home is always your world, at least in my world it is so there.The story begins with Dennis reminiscing about his character Sir Dengar as he struggles to think about how his life would have been different had he not started to play LARP His brother was a popular football player and Dennis was following in his footsteps until during a gym class he befriended Mark and Freddy, the resident nerds They introduced him to LARP and ten years later he was still playing Dennis feels that he should be grown up now and focus on his job at the bank and he wonders if he missed out on the chance for love because of his affection for the game He is also troubled by his friend Mark s personality when he plays because of his controlling and egocentric personality.The boys head off to their yearly convention on the Washington main land away from their beloved island of Verona Meeting up with the friend Jenn who works at the museum in near by Seattle Unfortunately the weekend quickly goes bad for Dennis when Mark puts himself in a bad situation and Dennis ends up dying because of Mark s foolhardiness Dennis leaves the convention in a huff and head back home until he is stopped at the bridge to Verona Turned away by the military he becomes intrigued and pulling around to the back of a local store Dennis uses binoculars to spy across the water He is disturbed to see flames and smoke and blackness as all the electricity has been turned off.Dennis returns to the convention and gathers his friends together to discuss what he has seen Jen gets a hold of her father who happens to be a general in the US Army A plan is soon formulated that involves both the military and all of the larpers as it seems like the people who have attacked the island are Mongolian s who have forsaken the modern world.I really liked reading this book The characters are well rounded and have great depth It s well written with great humour and the action seems to move along at a good pace The main bad guy could have been a little thought out and have background but otherwise really good The Mongolians were great sympathetic bad guys I loved the conflict with Dennis and his friends as they try and re counsel what they feel are teenage hobbies with their adult responsibilities.You can find this great book at both.com and.ca, it s a steal for under 4 bucks if you buy the e version I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did LARP THE BATTLE FOR VERONA By Justin Calderone Dennis is a larper and he s been a larper ever since he stood up for two of the unpopular kids at school That decision sealed Dennis fate as one of the losers and lost him the protection and status having a football star brother had gained him Dennis is still friends with those same two kids, still larping and still being mocked by his brother and everyone like him And it s not fair He s a professional success, intelligent and there s far to him than larping.Dennis has reached a point where he feels trapped Trapped by the life he is leading and trapped by the decision he made all those years ago What ifs plague him What if he had not saved them from the bullies What if he had not taken up larping What if he had listened to his brother Perhaps the life he is living is not the one he is supposed to be living And with that, Dennis decides that this weekend s larping tournament will be his last Unfortunately when crisis hits his hometown it looks as though Dennis won t be able to turn away from larping just yet The book begins very much with Dennis in focus, but the roaming point of view that is used throughout is occasionally confusing, as it switches frequently mid chapter and mid scene In fact there is a section in the latter part of the book where one of Dennis friends becomes the main focus of the story, and that means Dennis, who has been the hero of the story up to this point, takes a back seat for a considerable period, which feels slightly out of kilter with the rest of the narrative.What is interesting is that when the main crisis of the story begins, Dennis and his friends are not immediately plunged into the centre of events, which makes for a refreshing angle on the save the world adventure story Much of the book is unpredictable which also works in its favour This is definitely a feel good book for all those who were mocked and called a nerd during their younger years LARP fans will be thrilled at the level of detail and realism that Calderone captures This is the kind of story where it is necessary to suspend belief and just go with it, but if you do you will find yourself enjoying a light hearted and fun read Pure escapism Elloise Hopkins. I was immediately hooked on the premise of this story A bunch of LARP geeks fighting for family and island dom Yes, please It sounded like an awesomely fun romp.The execution, however, was not as great as I d have hoped I found the story to be very draggy and difficult to get into It could have done with another round or two of editing, I believe The exposition is handled pretty heavy handed, and some of the facts about the characters are repeated times than necessary.It begins with a false start where the mighty warrior gazes out over his enemies, only to get knocked back to reality, in which he is a twenty something guy realizing that he may not get everything he wanted out of life Dennis has achieved a certain measure of success in life he has a degree to his name, a good job, a car, nice place to live, etc But that s not enough, because he lacks the two things that will make live worth living a girl, and his brother s respect.Dennis is a member of the local LARP team, along with his two best friends, Fred who is constantly stuck in the middle, and Mark who drives everyone insane because he is just such an annoying power gamer They have been friends since high school when Dennis stopped hiding behind his older brother s big man on campus reputation and saved Mark and Fred from a couple of bullies They then introduced him to the wonders of LARPing Now, all fully grown, they are still LARPing regularly, but Dennis has not been feeling the love for the last couple of years The reason for that Mark being kind of a tool.As you may expect, during the LARP battle, Mark behaves like we ve been told he will i.e a tool and gets himself and Dennis character killed Cue Dennis jumping in his car and flouncing out in a fit of temper, vowing to never LARP again At which point I lost a lot of respect for Dennis as a character He is a grown man, for goodness sake Did it not occur to him at any point to confront Mark and point out what a bonehead he is Sure, Mark is the Game Master, but did none of the other players ever decide to step up and take the reigns from him In what universe do you continue to game with a guy who embarrasses you and himself and makes life unbearable for everyone around Was there absolutely no one willing to stand up for themselves And you want me to believe these are the kind of people who will defeat a Mongolian horde Eish, no.I ll admit, I stopped reading at this point Perhaps the story gets better, perhaps the latter half would have knocked my socks off, but truthfully, these characters were just not people I wanted to spend any time with. |Free Epub ♫ LARP ⚔ Sometimes Even A Geek Can Become A HeroDennis And His Friends Have Been LARPing Live Action Role Playing Since High School Now, In His S, Dennis Is Seriously Considering Giving Up LARPing For Good He S Tired Of Dealing With His Overzealous Friend Mark He S Tired Of His Older Brother Brad S Constant Put Downs And He S Tired Of The Fact That He Doesn T Have A Girlfriend Check That Not A Girlfriend, But The GirlfriendAlyssa The One Woman He S Been Pining Over For YearsDennis And His Fellow LARPers Have Never Been Considered Cool, In Their Small Island Community Of Verona, Located Off The Coast Of Washington StateBut All Of That Is About To ChangeWhile Dennis And His Friends Are Attending A Big LARP Tournament On The Mainland, A Rogue Terrorist Group Of Mongolians In Medieval Garb, Led By An American Madman, Invade Verona And Take Its Citizens Hostage Including Their Families And FriendsWhen The LARPers Find Out What S Happening In Their Home Town, They Do What Any Dedicated LARPer Would Do They Put On Their Armor, Strap On Their Swords, And Fight Their Way Home LARP Style Even tho Dennis has been LARPing Live Action Role Playing since high school he is ready for a change He is tired of not having a real life, being picked on by his brother and tired of the way his friend Mark acts at these events He agrees to one weekend LARP adventure before he quits However after Mark makes him mad he decides to head home early When he gets there he finds he can t go home because rogue terrorist group of Mongolians in medieval garb and tools have took over his island home The army can t help them and it will take Dennis and the LARP groups to help save them They with their medieval tools and years of combat play may be the only thing to save these people.Even tho this isn t the normal type of book I would read I enjoyed it I had no clue about LARP or anything about it The author does a wonderful job describing it and writing it in such a way you understand it and really get into it yourself You see Dennis and his friends aren t losers and they are really tough when it counts While the plot doesn t seem believable it is still good Very original and written in such a way you get involve with helping Dennis and them save their family and friends I liked some of the characters like Dennis and some of his friends a few like Mark I wished harm on I have to say He really got on my nerves but I could see real people who act like him so he was a good character in that way This story is a good one for people looking for something different something new to read.Lots of action and some personal struggle that just makes Dennis grow as a person. LARP The Battle for Verona is a Live Action Role Player s fantasy The first third is focused on the politics of LARPing Then, our LARPers meet an unexpected challenge Their town, set on an island off the coast of Washington State is invaded by Mongolians The US Army doesn t know how to fight these primitive warriors, but the LARPers are prepared They have been battling medieval style every weekend for the last 10 years, and are excited to try out their moves for real Did I mention that this is a fantasy That s worth repeating If you are looking for a story based in reality, this is probably not the book for you However, if you can let go, and give the LARPers a chance, it is a fun, quick read Also, it is worth mentioning that while this book is intended for adults, it would be appropriate for high school and even middle school students who are strong readers, as it doesn t really have much violence, and there is no sexual content or strong language that I can recall In this book, the nerds finish first, even though it took them until they had been out of high school for 10 years to win That might be just the message that a teenager who is having a rough time in school needs to hear.To continue reading this review, click here This review is of the epub version, from the Library Thing Early Release list.LARP The Battle for Verona is a modern day adventure story A group of young adults spend weekends enacting battles choreographed and planned encounters for kingdoms groups of people using fiberglass and foam armor, swords, and weapons the intent is to live the combat, with only points and not wounds to decide the winner.Four friends in LARP travel to a regional event, and return home to their island community off the coast of Washington State to find their island occupied by invading Mongols backed by North Korea The Mongols intend to return the island to a level of technology and lifestyle of the Middle Ages with only LARP forces to oppose them.I mostly enjoyed reading the book, at least after the off putting first 20 pages, but the shallow treatment of characters, the social and military inaccuracies role and actions of US Army, construction of community, hit or miss randomness of Mongol actions, boats and other resources magically appearing, etc were annoying and distracting.