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I really enjoyed this book and this is the first one I have read by Lutishia Lovely I can t find the majority of the books in the library so I buy them on and read the on my phone Sex in the Sanctuary , is not them having Sex in the Sanctuary, but is referring to Pastors and their wives where as King went outside his marriage and found someone one else to fulfilled his need.Goes to show we all have sin and no one is perfect. I couldn t get past 15% There are waaayyy too many characters to keep track of All of these characters can t possibly contribute to the main story I lost patience very quickly because of this and there was too much head hopping Just too much to keep track of. FREE PDF ♍ Sex in the Sanctuary ♶ From Exciting New Author Lutishia Lovely Comes A Steamy Debut In The Manner Of Victoria Christopher Murray And Kimberla Lawson Roby Set In A Church Community On Fire For The Lord And For Each Other Sex In The Sanctuary Is Filled With Scintillating Sisters, Playing Brothers, And Church Matrons Trying To Run Everybody S Business As First Lady Of Kingdom Citizen S Christian Center, Vivian Montgomery Has It All A Beautiful Home, Lovely Children, And A Pastor Husband Who Makes Her Shout Hallelujah And Not Just In Church There S No Doubt Pastor Montgomery Has A Healthy Appreciation For The Lord And For The Pleasures Of The Flesh, Namely His Wife S Flesh If Only Vivian S Best Friend, Tai, Was So BlessedA First Lady Herself, Tai S Husband, King, Is Pastor Of Mount Zion Progressive Baptist Church But With Two Affairs Under His Belt, Tai Wonders Just What Progressive Means In Fact, She Strongly Suspects Her Husband Is At It Again Now She Can Follow Her Mother In Law S Example And Threaten To Shoot Any Would Be Husband Stealing Floozies, Or She Can Take Vivian S Advice And Listen For God S Instruction But Tai S Husband Isn T The Only One Fighting TemptationWhether Trying To Wait Until Marriage Or Just Waiting Until The Next Mating Opportunity, These Congregations Are Filled With Members Whose Eyes Are On Than Jesus The Result Is A Page Turning Read, Not Soon To Be Forgotten Just what I needed, read this book while on a cruise vacation, it did not disappoint Can t wait to read about CY Hope.Great storylines, they seemed like people that you know in your everyday lives Their stories make you take notice of your church folk. I thought this book was a little too predictable I wish I didn t see the end coming along some of the other backstories I was disappointed in the a first lady accepting her husband s infidelities 3 times, come on enough already he needed to suffer by her letting him go he still won Overall, I thought it was a good read I ll definitely give Lutishia Lovely another try by reading another one of her novels. This book was, Muy caliente It is a Christian novel with FIRE, so if you re holier than thou, do not pick this up LOL This book is just like the Eddie Long story, a must read. I was very disappointed with this story and I loveeeee Lutishia s writing and her 1st 2 books in her Shady Sister s trilogy This was such a slow paced book because of the other church members What I did was put tabs on the chapters with Tai and King s situation I skipped the chapters with the other church members because I didn t care about what they had going go UGH I also had ordered LLH Book 2 but I don t have the urge to read it at all I saw good reviews on Book 3 so I m gonna give it a try and see what s it about I love Lutishia s pen game and how she stepped outside the box with the traditional Christian fiction stories but this wasn t my cup of tea I m still gonna read her work but pass on this church series.

This book is the perfect beginning to an excellent series I would recommend it to anyone looking for a drama filled book. Not sure how I feel about this onethe title of the book is exciting than the book itself, and the one story line in the book that could ve proved the most entertaining and scandalous was glossed over So, overall, this story s just okay It took a bit to get into as the author felt the need to introduce readers to all the major players in the main church which sets the scene Halfway through, I then realized there was another church and another pastor wife couple Way too confusing The author would ve done a better job if she d focused on just a few characters instead of the entire congregation Toward the end, the story improves, but the author glosses over what could have been an awesome climax, pardon my pun Had high hopes, but this fell a little flat.