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It started off a little confusing, but then it picked up with the formation of the 49er group I thought it was a very interesting concept and was executed fairly well. [[ FREE E-PUB ]] ⇲ Desperate Times (Permadeath #1) ☞ It S , Britain Faces Its Greatest Challenge As The Remains Of The European Combined Armed Forces ECAF Dig In To Repel The Imminent ChinKor Republic Invasion Of Great Britain Bombers And Missiles Destroy Whole Swathes Of British Cities And Countryside And Every Eligible Man And Woman Over The Age Of Has Been Conscripted To Join The Fight Only This Is In A VR Game Called World Domination, A Game Designed To Eliminate Civilian, Technological, Fiscal And Environmental Loss But To Still Cater For The Warlike Nature Of Humans All Of The Troops Are Hard Wired Into Their HarnessesThe Rules Were Simple, Survive Battles And You D Go Free Die Times And You D Receive A Lethal Dose Of Poison Administered By The Game, As War Must Always Have Consequences Take On A Special Mission And You Ll Gain Extra Life, Mission Credits And Valuable Power Ups And Special WeaponsOnly The Rules Have Changed The European High Command Has Decreed That Soldiers Who Hit Deaths Are To Be Kept Permanently In The Game The Ers Is A Regiment Of Last Chancers, Their Commander, IColonel Ron Clark, Is Desperate To Keep His People Alive, And Give Them One Last Chance New view Would have liked it if it was longer Would have kept reading if there was I do like it. Love military books and litrpg great combo Fast action and good situations keep you reading I enjoyed the story Well be getting the next one Good work. An unusual take on the LitRPG genre, where the game world directly impacts the real one.This isn t something that I ve seen much of in the genre, and Mr Sylvester calls it LitFPS First Person Shooter , which is a sci fi driven story with a military narration Some of the characters, especially in the first half of the story, can be hard to keep track of but that s understandable basis the story and how the 49ers came to be Although I could do without the iRank on everything Another thing I really enjoyed was the method of leveling up , not necessarily the personal side of it since that s mostly kept behind the scenes, but the gear and systems.If there was one thing I would change would be bringing of the game mechanics to the forefront But that could be only me since I like to understand those things and participate in the decision making process.Will definitely pick up any follow ups. Great story when you don t have time to read a 500 page novel I love short stories like this I don t always have time to read a 500 page novel The pacing was fast and kept me interested Definitely a great KU read and I gave it 5 iStars I ve read many of Matthew s books and he never disappoints. Great start This is an awesome start to a series I love the authenticity of the interaction of squadmates and NCO s The concept of the virtual war is a cool one, and I ll be reading the next book ASAP. I have to agree with other reviews.What might have been a good novel was plagued with strange plot choices I had trouble getting attached to the characters. Decent for what it is Although not really a fan of the premise of the book. Exciting and Innovative I enjoyed this this book immensely and look forward to the next The action is fast paced, descriptive and keeps you hooked all the way through Some great ideas with lots of potential, I can t wait to see what happens next.