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A Preachers Passion by Lutishia LovelyWithout a doubt one of the best reads for 2009 Lutishia has become one of my favorite authors to read and based off this novel she will definitely become one of your favorites as well What can possibly go wrong in the church does happen here when the members start to think with their orgasms rather then to the Lord This book is filled with so many characters that you must pay attention and not get lost You will witness a First Lady love a man who isn t her husband, a teenager stray away from the church for a sexual desire and to follow behind a first love, you will witness a male figure live life on the DL, and don t forget the woman set to get revenge on a woman of God In this novel I was so overwhelmed with the reality that these characters were living that I became apart of the story I envisioned these people in my head as Lutishia told the story One must remember that every one is human and that no one has a heaven or hell to put us in and in A Preacher s Passion you will without a doubt see examples of, just like you, every one is human and we may all stray from the church But always remember God will never stray away from you This is a top of the list recommended read Tamika NewhouseAAMBC Reviewer Page Turner from beginning to end Where do i start Ms Lovely develops each character so well that you get engrossed in the story I really can t blame Carla for what she did She was not right but is there a right way to her situation She tried talking to Stanley and counseling, even without the affair I believe they would have ended in divorce Sometimes people get caught up in being religious and don t open themselves to really hear what others are dealing with I was on the floor laughing every time Robin Mira said muthafucka She was crazy with a k Karma ugly and she realized that once that tea kicked in Speaking of karma how funny is it that Passion ended up with Stanley I wonder if she going to go out like Carla or stay and suffer in silence She want a man so bad I can see her suffering in silence Stacy make me sick She knew things were not right with Darius After dating him for two years you had never been in his house Then get pregnant to trap him Has she not heard a baby doesn t keep a man Bo had me rolling when he walked in her room and quoted Color purple you sure is ugly This book made me laugh, made me think, and made me anticipate Would like the author to continue to develop with these characters Also would like to know how things turn out for Kelvin and Princess.

A Preacher s Passion involves conflicts, suspense and your mouth hanging open when you lease expect it You have a group of church folks that have their own distinguish features and attribute Each character has a mission in this story to make you like or dislike them In the series of events that happen in each chapter drawers you in and will entertain you until the end of this great read The Author comes direct and candid without curving any corners to bring to life real church folks life styles She makes the reader form an opinion beforehand without knowledge of all the facts to have the reader on the edge of their seat up to the time of the last page The zest of this book will leave a great taste in your mouth for you to be looking out for up coming books from Lutishia Lovely www.sisterhoodbookclub.webs.com Claudia Mosley This was a good book I enjoyed the way Lutishia wove the characters into each other s lives Scandalous Carla was a married woman who wanted to be sexually pleased by her husband Passion was a single woman looking for love in all the wrong places Precious was a young college girl who strayed from her upbringing I can go on and on about the characters Don t want to give away too much of the story Good book in the series I am looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series I recommend this book to those who enjoy reading non traditional Christian fiction This book has too much spice to be labeled a traditional Christian Fiction book. The church s secrets can be large and out of controlThe church s secrets can be large and out of controlThe different stories of dysfunction in the church were enough to keep me reading I could not put the book down Passion s desire for a relationship put her on the path to destruction Stacy s demand for a relationship with someone that she had doubts about put her in a horrible situation that she will live with forever This is just 2 of the characters that kept me up at nightgrab a chair because you re in for a treat. this is book 3 of this series and this book is the best so far of this best one as hard to put down 1 This book was serious page turner The words flew off the page and I was quickly trying to find out what was going to happen next The story covers over 4 different people and their relationships Its Lutishia s style to keep a whole lot going on in the book In all the action you get caught up in the preacher s wife love affair, a crazy women s secret obsession with killing a preacher s wife, another woman s crush on man who doesn t love her, another woman in love with a man who loves her and another man, and a sheltered preacher s daughter who is thrust into life with slutty boyfriend and drugs has this book filled with action packed drama At the end of the book some of the story has some closure to some of the situations but there were a few cliff hangers that has me really interested in the next book. random comments, questions, etc as i listenPassion Lavaughn told her on than one occasion he was not interested, flat out no sugar coating, didnt answer her calls or texts, so when she decries during the holidays that she misses him, I m thinking what did i miss they had a few friendly dates, but nothing worth missing hmmm she s a busy bodyStacey another character who wore her desperation all over her well she got what she wanted darius should ve been honest at the onset to stop giving her slivers of hopethe other characters didn t stand out in this edition Book 3, Book 3 It was emotional for me because I m sensitive to adultery and the participant even bothered me But it was a well established story of hot lust entertwined with dark secrets to unrequited love but all blended in a perfect formula This series just keeps getting better and better (READ E-PUB) Þ A Preacher's Passion à Passion Perkins Is Hot To Trot After Being Celibate For Five Long Years, She S Ready, Willing, And Able To End Her Drought But She S Also Determined To Hold Out For Mr Righta Man Her Friends Say Doesn T Exist Until Lavon Chapman Walks Into Her Life A Powerful And Handsome Man Who Has Come To The Community To Film An Inspirational DVD About Passion S Minister, Doctor Stanley Lee, And His Fiery Wife, Carla Lee But Lavon Is Only In Town For Eight Weeks Passion Is Now On A Mission To Make Lavon Her Husband And To End Her Celibacyand Not Necessarily In That Order But She S Not The Only One It Seems Doctor Lee, Though A Master In The Pulpit Is A Dud Between The Sheets, So Carla Lee Has Lavon In Her Sights And Is Determined To End Up On Top Before Long, Other Members Of The Church Community Are Entangled In Scandals Of Their Own, And While Some Are Getting Busy In Service To The Lord, Others Are Just Simply Getting Busy Can I say 360 Because this is definitely a 3 freaking 60 Passion is just like Carla in many ways Lavon is the guy you don t really like until you hang with him then boom he s the love of your life Darius, Bo, and Stacy scream love triangle and the pettiness is too much to handle Robin, Robin, Robin Haha that s all I can say God don t like ugly Princess is young, dumb, and full of cum Heard that once on the Staten Island ferry on the way to school, some old guy was describing why he likes young women and this is how I saw Princess throughout the whole book Kevin reminders me of my first love and where is he now with the same girl who had his baby Smh Derrick is straight awesome Tai is my girl and King become likable Onto the next book.