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Heaven Right Here, was yet another mind blowing experience Lutishia Lovely has done it again with this awesome twist of events that take place in this novel The citizens of KCCC all play a role in Darius almost rape conviction, Stacey s Cancer scare, Hope s depression, and Frieda s bed hopping If you think you have read the best book by Lutishia well your wrong until now These characters were talking to me in my sleep and I had to dismiss them so I could rest I was drawn in each page, it did take a little bit longer to get to the climax but once you re there, the high of the drama takes over I give ms lovely whose name fits her very well a stellar job well done This is a must read again and again.Tamika NewhouseAAMBC Book Reviewer The entire book consist of drama after drama and I love reading Christian Friction.One thing I will say is that everybody is welcome in the house of God Let him that is without sin cast the first stone.And something else parents need to start doing is bringing their children back to church Don t leave it up to the child, you are the parents, let them no that they will be going to church whether they like it or not Cause the life you save just might be your own or your child Very interesting. Messy but goodthe members of these churches have issues than a bookstore magazine rack if it s not one thing its another..but, you can t stop reading cuz you might miss somethinglol Glad I have started reading this series Like these books Keep me coming. Having faith is a big test on one s mind, body, and soul I really love this series Can t wait to read Frieda s story later on.

I enjoyed this book for what it was I just got bored during the middle It didn t take me long to read it, but I started to think I just wish this would be over already It could have been a whole lot better and shorter. looking for a sequel I already have all of her books on my wish list This was a very good book. Heaven Right Here tells the story of three friends, Stacy, Frieda, and Hope Stacy is shocked when her ex husband who is now married to his male lover decides to sue her for custody of their son Hope is happily married to Cy, except that she desperately wants to have a baby but so far they have been unsuccessful, plus Cy s old stalker comes back into their lives Frieda is the requisite party girl of the bunch who will sleep with any rich man available.This started off very slow and it took me awhile to get into the characters and the story I was pretty much done with Stacy when she decides she wants her ex husband back and sets about to seduce him Um, hello, girl, he is GAY Hope s insecurity about Millicent wasn t very interesting either.The story did start to pick up right about the part where Stacy has a health scare and I liked her a lot better after that I was happy with the way her story ended I found the ending between Hope and Millicent to be a little too unbelievable Frieda s story ended with a cliffhanger, but I really have no desire to see what happens next.Three stars for this one A decent read, but not one I would buy or read again. `Download ⇬ Heaven Right Here ⇷ When Stacy Gray Meets Friends For Lunch, The Last Thing She Expects To Be Served Is Legal Papers Suing Her For Custody Of Her Son, Darius Jr As Far As Stacy S Concerned, When Darius Sr Chose To Be With His Male Lover, He Lost His Chance At Fatherhood But When An Unexpected Crisis Strikes, And An Obsessed Fan Threatens Than Darius S Music Career, The Battling Parents May Have To Grow Up Cy And Hope Taylor Are Struggling To Conceive, So When Hope Sees Her Former Nemesis, Millicent, Talking On Television About Life As A Wife And New Mother, Jealousy Rears Its Ugly Head Then Cy Rekindles His Friendship With Millicent And Needless To Say, Hope Is Definitely Peeved Than Pleased As Baby Mama Drama Shakes Up The Saints, Everyone Better Pray For Mercy