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The short story collection contains 7 stories The Boy Who Talked with Animals 4 starsThe Hitch Hiker 3 starsThe Mildenhall Treasure 3 starsThe Swan 3 starsThe Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar 4 starsLucky Break 4 starsA Piece of Cake 2 starsThere are several of these that I really enjoyed and the rest were well done I love Henry Sugar and the method Henry goes about getting powers after reading about a yogi Concentration is a powerful thing That was a well done story and I enjoyed the way it started A super story I thought his auto biographical piece on how Roald began his writing career was wondering and it tied into this autobiography as well with the fighter pilot He basically walked right into his career It was pre ordained, pretty much He has some great tips for writing as well and he goes into what his English Lit professor said about his writing, which made you realize they probably didn t know what they were talking about They were just meanies The last one I really enjoyed was the Boy who could talk with animals I loved the compassion in this story and the boy riding around on a turtle It has that magic twist a Roald DAhl story can spin I think these 3 stories are the strongest The Swan is a good story, but it was stressful It s about bullying and it doesn t have a happy ending in my opinion This is obviously how he felt at school as a boy being bullied I was driving home in traffic and this story was not good for that as it was so stressful and hard to read It is painful, just painful in all ways It s about human cruelty It s good, but I won t read it again I thought the Hitchhiker and Mildenhall Treasure which is non fiction were fun and cute They didn t blow me away, but they rounded out the book nicely The last Piece of Cake was filler It was ok, but it did not hook meI m glad I was finally able to finish this up and I think that this finishes off all the books of Roald Dahl that are considered his children s books I still need to read his adult works like Uncle Oswalt, but I m mostly done with his stuff It has been a pleasure. The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar And Six More, Roald Dahl The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and Six More, is a collection of seven short stories written by Roald Dahl They are generally regarded as being aimed at a slightly older audience than many of his other children s books.Chapters The Boy Who Talked with AnimalsThe Hitch HikerThe Mildenhall TreasureThe SwanThe Wonderful Story of Henry SugarLucky Break non fictional A Piece of Cake 2005 1383 260 1386 9643621952 20 1396 100 9786001510427 I picked this one up after seeing a review on GR and started it almost two months ago It s a book of short stories and I would pick it up when I needed a quick break from work, current reading, chores, etc So it taking me two months to read was not a sign of it being boring All this and I probably had too many books going on at once.This book contains stories that are quite different from some of the usual Dahl books Some are pretty short and some are longer, with a total of seven stories There is even a story of how Dahl got started writing During my reading of this book, I picked up and read and small book on Dahl s life Nice to get a big picture view of his life along with how he got his start writing It s hard to pick one story that I liked best Could be the story of the pick pocketer, the true story of the buried treasure, or that wonderful story of Henry Sugar There was one story I didn t much care for due to the subject matter the story of the swan But that was just issues I have touchy w anything w animals.Overall, glad I read this one to get a different take on Dahl s writing. Didn t everyone try to learn to see through things using the flame trick like Henry Sugar ( E-pub ) ⚒ The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar And Six More ♖ Seven Stories Of Fantasy And Fun By The Fantastic Roald Dahl The Boy Who Talked With Animals In Which A Stranded Sea Turtle And A Small Boy Have In Common Than Meets The Eye The Hitchhiker Proves That In A Pinch A Professional Pickpocket Can Be The Perfect Pal The Mildenhall Treasure A True Tale Of Fortune Found And An Opportunity Lost The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar In Which A Modern Day Robin Hood Brings Joy To The Hearts Of Orphans And Fear To The Souls Of Casino Owners Around The World

This book is made up of multiple short stories by Roald Dahl The Boy Who Talked With Animals in which a stranded sea turtle and a small boy have in common than meets the eye The Hitchhiker proves that in a pinch a professional pickpocket can be the perfect pal The Mildenhall Treasure a true tale of fortune found and an opportunity lost The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar in which a modern day Robin Hood brings joy to the hearts of orphans and fear to the souls of casino owners around the world I did not enjoy The Boy Who Talked With Animals I thought it was very slow, random and not entertaining It took me a long time to get through this short story.The Hitchhiker was very entertaining and actually scary There was some violence that was very unexpected in this story and the whole story definitely kept me on my toes.The Midenhall Treasure was a true story about treasure that was found and Roald Dahl got the opportunity to write about it for a magazine It was interesting to read about all the laws of finding treasure in that country.The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar did not have an interesting beginning to it s story Henry read about Imhrat Khan, an Indian man with an amazing special talent As Henry learns about Khan he discovers that Khan s special powers is being able to see the world around him without using his eyes Khan is able to do this because of training with a yogi This story motivates Henry to learn how to do the same skill, so he can become a great gambler and be able to read cards After this part is when I started to enjoy Henry Sugar s story Henry became a wealthy man from gambling, so he wanted to do something great with the money, so he opens many orphanages.The ending of the book is Dahl talking about his childhood and growing up experience As much as I enjoyed reading about it, I was disappointed because it was so similar to the book Boy Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl There was a ton of overlapping stories and there were stories that was in this book but not his autobiography That bugged me It should have been in his autobiography if he wanted to share it It was a weird ending to the whole book, having it be an autobiography of random stories of his childhood This was not one of my favorite Roald Dahl books, but I am glad that I read it and experienced it. Re reading one of my all time favorite books or accurately short stories by Road Dahl While the story of Henry Sugar is far less known than James and the Giant Peach or Charile and the Chocolate Factory as much as I loved those stories growing up, its Henry Sugar that stuck with me the most And despite having first read this over 30 years ago, enjoy it just as much as an adult Highly recommended Roald Dahl s books always have wonderful effect on me.When I read The Witches, I thanked God I didn t meet any witch as a child.When I read Matilda, I think she s the brightest girl ever.When I read Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, I believe that there is a very big and magical chocolate factory somewhere in this world.When I read the Magic Finger, suddenly I have some hatred to these animal hunters.When I read Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator, I wish that I can go to space hotel as well.When I read the Twits, I want to thrown up.When I read James and The Giant Peach, I want to go inside the amazing peach.When I read this book, I can t say than amazing This book makes me almost believe about something, which I tell you, almost impossible.But who s Roald Dahl He knocks the im in impossible word. Jumping back into Roald Dahl literature has been one of the best experiences in terms of reading this year.I never considered that I would enjoy short stories so much Stories that you start and finish before going to bed Such a refreshing feeling As a lover of Roald Dahl s stories in childhood, his writing style is one of the most easy to read and grabs you by the writing and plot and never lets you go This was such a great read and overall, my rating was based on my enjoyment.Ratings for each short story The Boy Who Talked with Animals 2 5The Hitch hiker 4 5 Mildenhall Treasure 4.5 5The Swan 2 5The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar 5 BRILLIANT STARS 5Lucky Break 4 5 3.5 A Piece of Cake 4 5 3.5 The Boy Who Talked with Animals, I found it to be kind of pointless The title is the story spoilers Basically a boy begs a fisherman not to sell the enormous turtle so the fisherman lets the turtle go Next day parents say their boy is missing and police are searching for him Natives who were fishing tell police they see a boy riding a turtle into the horizon They see the boy but he gets on turtle and rides off into the sunset The Hitch hiker was damn hilarious This hitch hiker with a career he won t speak off, has the most interesting banter with the main character and the story was absolutely genius Mildenhall Treasure was amazing to believe that Roald Dahl had written this story of someone s recount of finding treasures that is now in the British Museum Roald Dahl had written this story with the pure motive of telling the true story of how these treasures were found after seeing an article in the newspapers The Swan, for a birdlover, was like being stabbed in the throat A twisted story with a twisted moral.THE WONDERFUL STORY OF HENRY SUGAR WAS ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STORIES I HAVE EVER READ THAT IS ALL READ IT NOW THANKS.Lucky Break went into details on some parts Dahl has written about in Boy Tales of Childhood and Going Solo I enjoyed seeing his perspective role in history like World War II and the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbour A Piece of Cake, though the lower rating, was quite a good story A story he wrote not with the intention of it being a story, was one of humour and a life threatening situation All in all, a great compilation of stories and I recommend it to people who love Roald Dahl or short stories This book was a pretty big disappointment after how much I ve loved all of Dahl s other work that I ve read I feel like he just didn t capture my attention with these stories I found myself flipping forward to see how much I still had to struggle through before each story was done I think I ll stick to Dahl s novels from now on and skip past the short stories