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`Read Kindle ⚡ Reverend Feelgood (Hallelujah Love #5) ⚛ Nathaniel Nate Thicke Is A Preaching Prodigy At Only Twenty Eight Years Old, He S The Senior Pastor Of The Gospel Truth Church In Addition To Carrying On The Preaching Tradition Begun By His Great Grandfather, Nate Is Also Just Plain Carrying On, Wherever The Spirit And The Flesh Lead Him And When It Leads Him To Three Women From The Same Family, Bickering And Backstabbing Follow Content With Having His Pick Of The Flock, Nate Is Surprised To Discover He S Fallen Head Over Heels In Love, And Decides To Become A One Woman Man But The Other Ladies Aren T About To Give Him Up So Easily They Re Prepared To Do Whatever It Takes To Get Their Man Back Even If It Means Adding A Few Shocking Sins To Their List The Reverend Feelgood was Pastor Nathaniel Nate Thicke was the name he was given by women s he kept satisfied.This was a tradition for the Noble Thicke family they had kept going from generations to generations The Nobles was the family of women s and the Thicke was the men s last name.But Destiny chose to be different from the Noble women s She loves her grandma, but she doesn t want to be like her and doesn t want to share her husband Reverend Thicke.Destiny change this tradition that her husband will be a one woman man. uuuuhhhhmmmm yeah..this book was different I have not decided yet if that is good or bad I mean this was over the top.

This book kept my mouth open the whole entire time, I just could not believe what was going on in that church I won t give any spoilers but I am glad Destiny stood her ground. I think the Noble women were stuck on stupid