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Shes doing the same thing as always and never gets caught. Started this book forever ago then forgot about it so started rereading it last night and finished it today Didn t enjoy it as much as the other ones Will and Diana s relationship is the most frustrating thing in the world They can barely talk to each other So their relationship bugged me in this one, they did have some cute moments though Jess was also annoying in this one She was so dramatic and her feelings were way too flighty Hopefully the next one is better Also was super annoyed with Sara and Amelia for spilling the beans Totally immature and un loyal to Diana Wouldn t be trusting them again Overall it was okay book.

Pretty good, just after 3 books with the same plot, it gets old. Reviewed by Theresa L Stowell for TeensReadToo.comDiana Donato s escapades continue in the third book of the CINDERELLA CLEANERS series.The adventure begins when Diana s father asks her to deliver an item to one of his most important clients It s an absolutely adorable vest, and it s Diana s size Diana promises to deliver the vest quickly and means well, but on the way, she meets Will, the boy from school that she has started to like.When Will invites her to watch the new Tasha Kane video being made, she can t refuse Not wanting to leave the vest unattended, she slips it on.The vest catches Tasha s attention, and she invites Diana and her friend, Sara, to try out for her video, but she wants Diana to wear the vest Diana must accept the repercussions of not telling her bestie, Jess, about the tryout when she did tell Sara, of having Nelson make a copy of the one of a kind vest, and of possibly costing her father his biggest client Side conflicts include her budding romance with Will and her continuing struggles with her step mother.As always, Maya Gold provides a fast and enjoyable story Gold introduces thematic ideas of friendship, family, and personal responsibility as Diana must face the consequences of her rash behavior and decide what s most important in her life The characters are ones that middle school girls, particularly, can relate to, even if their exploits are a bit out of the norm for the average kid. I LOVED this book I actually love all the books in the Cinderella Cleaners series, but I loved this one the most, especially because Diana gets to star in a MUSIC VIDEO WITH TASHA KANE When Diana goes to deliver a super cute vest to a client from the Cinderella Cleaners, she runs into Will her crush she won t admit that on her way there She figures out that his dad works for TASHA KANE the awesome pop singer Diana gets cast in the new music video with a few bumps along the way In the end, it all works out and Diana gets cast in the music video I give this book 5 stars Emmie Xoxo signing off. 11 28 10 I m on page 121 and Will and Dianna just got into the ball, finally When Amelia was taken to another shift, Dianna and Will almost couldn t get in, but Amelia let them in the backdoor I think by the end of the book Dianna will get in trouble, but not for sneaking out of the house I think this because in past books, she doesn t get in trouble for sneaking out of the house,she gets in trouble for other things Another reason why I don t think she ll get in trouble is because she made that very convinsing set up at her house That s my prediction on what will happen in cinderella Cleaners Mask Appeal. This book is just as great as the rest of the series I will definitely still continue to read the last two books Rock and Role is written for the teen age group The writing is very effective and flows nice and is very easy to understand whats going on I would recommend this book the Fourth through Eighth grade kids I think it would make the most sense for this age group to read it since the main character is about their age It would also make the most sense to them and they could relate to the things that go on in the characters life. Rock and Role by Maya Gold is very exciting and has lots of action I think it was really neat that Diana got to do a music video with her all time favorite singer Tasha Kane This is a great book for people who like fiction I wonder if Nelson will come back to the cleaners That is why you should read Rock and Role. {DOWNLOAD E-PUB} Ø Rock & Role (Cinderella Cleaners, #3) ⚢ Diana Has Always Dreamed About Being On Camera And Now, She Might Get Her Chance On Her Way To Drop Off A Super Cool Vest For A Cinderella Cleaners Client, Diana Happens To Meet Pop Star Tasha Kane Tasha Invites Diana To Try Out For A Role In Her New Video, And Diana Is Beyond Excited But There S One Big Catch Tasha Wants The Video To Feature The Rockin Vest Which Doesn T Belong To Diana Can Diana Still Rock The Video Shoot Or Will She And Cinderella Cleaners Roll Into Serious Trouble i liked this book a lot i havent read the other cinderella cleaners books so i didnt know what to expect It was very good, but i found the plot a bit unrealistic Besides that it was really good, i liked sara.