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~Free Pdf ⚑ The Second Summoning ⚇ After Closing The Portal To Hell, Claire And Her Talking Cat, Austin, Acquired A New Companion Dean, Who Was A Bystander And Should Not Have Remembered Keepers Existed But With Dean Around, And A Little Of Her Sister Diana S Meddling The World Is Heading For Chaos, And Claire Is About To Face A Challenge Beyond Her Wildest Imagination The Keeper Chronicles Summon the Keeper 1998, mmpb , 1The Second Summoning, 2001, mmpb , 2 These are light, clever, agreeably girly fantasy romances set in Canada, featuring Claire, a modern day witch Austin, her familiar, an elderly, smartmouth cat Dean, Claire s Newfie boyfriend Diana, Claire s witchy teenage sister and the Powers of Darkness The first book introduces the characters, who must close a Doorway to Hell in a rundown BB I liked it, but it had some slow stretches B.The Second Summoning moves along briskly, has cats, angst ridden teenagers, and laughs A.Both books are pleasant rainy day reads, with well drawn characters, snappy dialog and, well, catty cats As with all humor, your mileage may drastically vary, but 2 in particular kept me smiling You should read 1 first. Still like Austin, Dean, and Diana, but Claire is a little too self righteous I d forgotten that but about her character Also, Hell arguing with itself is still funny. It s one of the books I semi forgot was on my bookshelf Yeah, maybe 2.5 stars Turns out there s probably a reason it took me years to get to this I mean, I read the first one in just after Kingston, which puts this on the shelf for probably 8ish years I d actually forgotten a lot of how the mythology worked I picked it back up eventually though, well, enough to get by.It doesn t quite get there despite having magical cats I do enjoy the setting I enjoy that I pretty much know exactly where the Elysian Fields Guest House would have to be if it existed I also really enjoyed how very Canadian it is the demon showing gratitude and then cursing and declaring she was never manifesting in Canada again, and the discussions of how many hours it is possible to make the drive from Kingston to Halifax and back in were my favourite, oh also the snark in the direction of the Ontario Conservative government that pretty much places this in the Harris years But on the other hand, I could have done without all the sexual jokes and such all played for humour , and my biggest problem with this is that I find Diana, Claire s younger sister as annoying as all get out.I do enjoy that Dean is from Newfoundland though, and winds up in, well, essentially two degrees of separation conversations with every Newfoundlander he comes across Also, accurate.Essentially, it gets a lot of the details right, but maybe not the story as a whole 2016 Reading Challenge A book set in your home province This was okay I didn t love it as much as the first book in the series, but I liked it enough to finish it.This time around, I felt like the story and the author were trying just a tad to hard to be continuously clever with the humour and the cheek It had its moments, but it also went over the top a lot than I saw in book 1 I did find myself rolling my eyes at points, and thinking okay, already, we get it They re clever They re funny I also felt like this book dragged a bit for me about 100 pages in It wrapped up okay, but I really feel like this could have told the story faster, with better pacing, and a little less angst on the parts of both Clair and Diana.It was okay, but I m not reading the third book, because Diana as the main character would get on my last nerve REALLY quickly I don t care if she IS the most powerful Keeper ever, she s still a seriously annoying teenager No thanks I enjoyed this, if anything, significantly than the first book.This was practically a completely new adventure for Claire and Diana and it was less romancy, although sex still was a central conflict And the cat continued to be the runaway star This makes me want to read some of Tanya Huff s other works, despite recommendations against There are a lot of references to Canadian geography which are mostly relevant to locals, but its still very entertaining, the dynamics between the characters and the magic adventures. DNFing this for the same reason I bailed on Diane Duane s Young Wizard series which this actually quite reminded me of that is to say, for entirely me reasons.I have so, so many sticky feelings about sibling rivalry subplots and I just can t do them, unless they re done like Magic for Liars, which is a whole other kettle of fish.ANyway, this is really fun urban fantasy with a talking cat and if you liked the Young Wizards series, I feel like you ll also really enjoy this. The plot of this one doesn t do much for me, but the DETAILS pop up hilarious left and right. Sequel to Summon the Keeper, which should be read first The further adventures of itinerant patcher of holes to evil Claire Hansen and her handsome sidekick former innocent bystander Dean McIssac, now with added annoying teenage sister, and an inadvertently summoned angel and demon highly confused by their respective placements in gendered, fully human bodies with all that this entails More Canadian humor, weather, scenery, and cats.I enjoyed it enough to want to keep an eye out for the third one, which is pretty good for my rather jaded reading appetites at present. This is a reread, but after a dozen years, it reads like new And this is one of the rare cases when I want half a star 3.5 stars As the second novel in a series, this one has to do with several familiar characters from book 1 Claire, the snarky Keeper, her lover Dean, and the cat Austin See my review of book 1 The other players in this novel include Claire s younger sister Diana, a seventeen year old budding Keeper with tremendous potential Samuel, an angel, looking like a teenage boy Byleth, a demon, looking like a teenage girl The action takes place at Christmas time, all over Ontario, as Claire races from place to place in an attempt to find and banish both the angel and the demon and restore the balance to the universe Contrary to Claire s claims to the protagonist s role, the real stars of this show are Samuel and Byleth The embodiments of good and evil respectively, they have been brought into the world as beings of the opposite genders by accident According to the Keepers lore, angels are supposed to be genderless But as Samuel acquires genitalia during manifestation, thanks to a zealous father of a teenage girl, so Byleth is forced by the metaphysical rules to manifest with the opposite genitalia Thrust into the world they don t know, both teenagers struggle to understand the society and their place in it On top of that, they must work out their own emotions and physical urges The perplexing truth is that aside from the occasional angelic or demonic splashes, both act like typical modern teenagers or as typical as the childless writer could imagine Reflecting her origins as an actual hell spawn, Byleth comes through surly and spiteful, ready to perform evil deeds, but the kindness of strangers repeatedly thwarts her attempts to infuse hell into Canada The above mentioned kindness transforms her as well, erasing her evil matrix and substituting it with the makeup of an abused, rebellious street girl Unfortunately, not much of a difference is evident on the surface Samuel, on the other hand, acts heavenly, which is a euphemism for a busybody Predictably, by telling people the un sugared truth, he offends and insults those he tries to help His angelic bumbling brings forth a realization our society is not based on truth but rather on politeness and, to a degree, on tolerance or indifference It takes time for an angel to grasp those concepts and behave accordingly The juxtaposition of Samuel s saintly code and Canadian reality makes for a few good jokes The readers also laugh, as Samuel comes to terms with his male parts and their often inexplicable, hormone induced movements The antics of the young angel lighten the story considerably, remodeling it from a gloomy wannabe apocalypse to a farce But I have a bone to pick with Ms Huff I think it s stereotypical of her to cast a girl as a demon and a boy as an angel, which equals the Bible s position on the sexes Nothing I ve read in this novel would make it impossible to switch the genders It might ve actually been even entertaining if the boy were a demon and the girl an angel Further, Byleth doesn t seem to struggle with her femininity as much as Samuel does with his manliness She seems to know instinctively how to handle her gender Another bias on the writer s part Despite this one little objection, I enjoyed the novel Its pace is fast, its dialog hilarious, and its ambience purely Canadian Recommended.