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[[ Read Epub ]] õ The Westing Game ß A Bizarre Chain Of Events Begins When Sixteen Unlikely People Gather For The Reading Of Samuel W Westing S Will And Though No One Knows Why The Eccentric, Game Loving Millionaire Has Chosen A Virtual Stranger And A Possible Murderer To Inherit His Vast Fortune, One Thing S For Sure Sam Westing May Be Dead But That Won T Stop Him From Playing One Last Game Unless you love driving chainsaws through your innards, please do not read The Westing Game The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin, is an extremely horrible clue chasing mystery The books main events take place in a 5 story apartment called Sunset Towers and the Westing Estate The book takes place in Michigan around 1975 When reading the Westing Game, it is no fun than jumping off a cliff for fun Barney Northrup, a sixty two year old salesman, is selling apartment spaces in Sunset Towers to secretly selected sixteen people These people all have connections with Samuel W Westing and are his heirs Soon after the sixteen settle in to Sunset Towers, Samuel W Westing is presumed dead The heirs are all called to the library in the Westing Estate for the reading of the will Although the sixteen heirs are considered the main characters, the book focuses mainly on the Wexler family Grace Wexler is married to Jake Wexler, and they have two kids, Angela and Turtle Grace is house decorator in her mid forties Jake is a podiatrist who now works in the lobby of Sunset Towers, since they moved there Angela is a very calm person who is currently engaged to Denton D Deere, also a doctor Overall, the reason I really I really disliked this book was because how boring it was I was literally sitting there turning a page every five minutes I would not recommend this to anyone Over the weeks, the clues still puzzle the heirs, and many events occur including bombs, injuries, parties, and Read The Westing Game don t to find out what really happens If you do choose to read The Westing Game , they have places for people like you. this is what i am going to do i am going to take a red panda, and i am going to learn genetics and i dunno neuroscience and welding and i am going to take a little bit of my brain, and a little bit of everyone s brain here on goodreads.com you ll be asleep, you wont feel a thing and then i am going to moosh it all together, and put it in the brain of the red panda and then i will have the perfect book recommending resource because if i had had one of these when i was little, then it would have told me, you love peggy parrish and her wordplay based mysteries and you have seen the movie clue enough times that you can recite the whole thing still can here s a book you will like i would have to fine tune it so it works better than the one they have on or netflix.com because, no, i would not like to see the aviator, thank you i would have loved this book like crazy as a kid as a grown up, i liked it very much, but thought the characters could have used a little fleshing out to make them defined the child me would not have cared now i have to go write 250 academic words about it so much less fun than mad scientisting.come to my blog

Really fun, and I know without hesitation what third or fourth grade me loved about it I felt like maybe it dragged a tiny bit in the back half of the second act, but I think that s just me getting ahead of the narrative, and being a little out of the demo.But if you re like 11 to 13 Holy crap, you re gonna love this book, and be on board with it pretty much from the first chapter It was written in 1978, but it doesn t feel dated other than the technology , and it ages very well It has a diverse cast, which I didn t appreciate as a kid, because I didn t know any better, but which I deeply appreciate now Much of it reads as brief vignettes, which made it very easy to pick up and put down.I highly recommend this for young readers, and I highly recommend it a second time to adults who read it when we were kids. This book sounded like it would be lots of fun, and I read it hoping for a great mystery In the end I think there were too many characters, and not enough information to make any of them seem real to me I never really got why they were who they were, except on the most basic level Each character was just glossed over, and even though they were described in a basic way, there was nothing to really draw me in or make me care about them.