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In this collection of short fiction, many of the pieces are unfinished fragments This is so frustrating, as Pushkin writes brilliantly and within a few pages drags the reader into the story However, they are still worth reading for their vivid descriptions of country estates and pithy observations of Russian society.My favourite stories wereThe Negro of Peter the Greata historical tale based on the story of Pushkin s own Ethiopian great grandfather,Dubrovskythe adventures of a nobleman who loses his property in an unjust lawsuit and becomes a bandit, andThe Queen of Spadesthe famous story of a young gambler who becomes obsessed with the idea that an old lady has mystical powers that could win him a fortune.Smoothly translated, a wonderful collection that shows the genius of Pushkin s writing. Pushkin never ceases to amaze me with all the twists written in this short prose There is a reason why Russian writers are one of the most profound type out there and this is exactly how Pushkin captures the Russian spirit problematic, tormented by ethical questions, with a very well defined personality Would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to dig in a very different perspective on Russian characters. FREE DOWNLOAD ☼ Пиковая дама ♫ This Volume Contains New Translations Of Four Of Pushkin S Best Works Of Fiction The Queen Of Spades Has Long Been Acknowledged As One Of The World S Greatest Short Stories, In Which Pushkin Explores The Nature Of Obsession The Tales Of Belkin Are Witty Parodies Of Sentimentalism, While Peter The Great S Blackamoor Is An Early Experiment With Recreating The Past The Captain S Daughter Is A Novel Length Masterpiece Which Combines Historical Fiction In The Manner Of Sir Walter Scott With The Devices Of The Russian Fairy Tale The Introduction Provides Close Readings Of The Stories And Places Them In Their European Literary Context 1.Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin.Funny and interesting stories 4 stars.2 The Queen of Spades.A short story with a twist at the end The secret of a winning 3 card game and a man who wants to know it at all costs.I would rate this 3.5 stars.3 The Captain s Daughter.I thought this story started a little slow but then it really picked up By far the best of the stories and a definite 5 star.4 Peter the Great s Blackamoor.Pushkin wanted to write an historical novel along the lines of Waverley by Sir Walter Scott The result was the above story using his ancestor, Ibrahim, as the main character Peter the Great was the godfather of Ibrahim and had him educated in the European fashion He went on to a great military career Pushkin never completed the novel which is a pity as it had potential.I would give this story 4 stars 3.5 Pushkin from Pushkin Press This is at once amusing symmetry, and a little too on the nose First time I ve read him This collection is mostly poetry Translation by Anthony Briggs, whose War Peace I d have read if it were available as an ebook two years ago glad to read of his at last The Queen of Spades The Stationmaster More than cosy enough in the way perfectly characteristic of C19th classics A paper book of these, read after nightfall, beside a fire, teeters on the brink between perfect and cloying Marginally darker ends than British Victorians perhaps the Russian sting is reminiscent of someone later like Saki or M.R James, but it s too long since I ve read them Less harshly realist than l.C19th Scandinavians, and very much in a pretty world of the upper classes, where everything turns out fairytale alright for a lot of people, and toughness and poverty, whilst mentioned, ultimately seem skimmed over the same again in a somewhat facile poem near the end, Winter Evening Easy to forgive in film, less so in books for some reason perhaps expect greater seriousness of the latter Feels like the same world as War Peace These stories are so famous it would have been impossible for them to live up to their reputation another argument for reading classics as a teenager, because you experience them fresh without so much that came after.At one point in Queen of Spades, someone asks if there even are any Russian novelsPimen s Monologue from Boris Godunov Nice clean readable translation of blank verse obviously modern, still atmospheric Would have liked to read the rest if it were here Shame there was so much less of this play than of Mozart and Salieri which was hammy in a way no translator could rescue in what followed what, and in the basic meanings of what was said Might have been camply funny if it weren t one of those stories in which I ve minimal interest as fiction as opposed to carefully researched biography pointing out what we just can t know Also lacks the attraction of reading a Russian write about Russian history as in Boris Godunov The Bronze Horseman Easy to imagine reading this aloud as a kid Small epic of St Petersburg, its flooding and one young working class chap s story Nice tidy rhymed translation with ample enjambments Very 4 stars Again, the surprise of its being darker than English equivalents of this sort of thing Tsar Nikita and His Forty Daughters Very silly smutty fairytale, translated in a very silly jaunty rhymed style whose name I should probably know or used to I like it when he manages to make extra puns probably peculiar to English.pointlessly short Extract from Yevgeny OneginI stumble around under the impression that there is no satisfactory English translation of Onegin no wonder, given that my GR friends give the thing an average rating of 3.14 against a general average of 4.06 I like people who are fussy about translations Though if I do try it, and not in an old, free version, it ll be the Stanley Mitchell translation praised in an review by Russian translator Robert Chandler, who also recommended an edition of Crime and Punishment that I loved Little to say about this extract, except it gives the impression that the poem contains different moods and rhythms within a few pages of one another, and as a fragment of an obviously much bigger story it s too short to have much opinion about other than via close reading and dissection Various short poems General tendency for these to open promisingly, then I would be disappointed by the ending I did enjoy and these are very typical subjects for me to like, and typical Romantic era subjects some bits about autumn and winter, a few of the florid love verses, miscellaneous intimations of mortality, a working class setting with attention to the people s lives in Man Found Drowned , though again an anticlimatic conclusion.I m a bit morbid compared with most other non Goths these days, finding it a philosophical and picturesque way to live with ropey health interesting to see how Pushkin writing in his thirties takes it that bit further, in a time when one saw far younger people and contemporaries die He died at 37, but in a duel, not from consumption or the like Some of When I Stroll Down a Busy Street is familiar I tell myself the world keeps turning However many of us are here, or A lone oak tree attracts my gaze I think this patriarch sublime Will long outlive these empty days, As it outlived my father s timeor I think farewell, I ve had my day You take my place, I m reconciled Yours is to thrive, mine to decay. But he is far to me strangely specific the era, presumably, means he sees far greater probability an imminence, and thinks of things I felt no need to I always say goodbye in thought Each day, each year, and try to guess Which day in which year will have brought The anniversary of my death.It is strange to read that knowing it, nearly two hundred years later one gets the impression from the final I Have My Monument , that he suspected people still would Autumn a fragment I commend to those friends who also like autumn and winter bestSpringtime I can t abide, With all that smelly, thawing slush. Thank you I can t stand spring either bright and cold at the same time, no thanks and suspect it would be even worse in Russia Summer though, if comfortably warm enough to spend outside, and it s possible to spend it outside and otherwise to sleep long enough in the dark , I love, but indoor days in summer, urgh apart from lack of heating bills In autumn every year I come into full flower The thrilling Russian cold inspires me through and through I love my life again each day and every hour My appetite returns on time, and sleep does, too My blood is up, my glad heart surges with new power Desire and joy are mine, I m young, the world is new, Fresh life wells up in me Such is my constitution If you ll forgive such a prosaical intrusion Alexandr Pushkin is a wonderful storyteller He is insightful and wittyin my opinion Russia s greatest poet followed closely by Anna Akhmatova If you re looking for other stories from Russian authors I would also recommend Gogol, Bulgokov, and the lesser appreciated Turgenev I loved Fathers and Sons I mean really you just can t go wrong. I ve lately developed quite an interest in the fabulous Russian literature And Pushkin, well, he s supposedly one of the most fabulous Russians I ve been quite afraid of him I somehow had an image of monstrous romantic poetry.How very wrong I was.Pushkin combines wonderous Russian fairytales, historical fiction and makes it all so interesting that you re feeling as if you were watching an 18th century soap opera And Dubrovsky By Jove what a man And did I mention that Alexander is a fantastic storyteller Few manage to tell stories so enchantingly Magic Next stop Pushkin s poetry Here I come. Clevery written, I enjoyed the stories in this book A nice slice of Russan life during the early 1800s.

Timeless and accessible writing I thoroughly appreciated Pushkin s stories infused with seeds of historical trivia and perspective I also enjoyed his use of humor and irony to mock comedic, sentimental, or ironic writing As was I impressed with his successful addresses to the audience in fact, he pulls off many things I m traditionally not a fan of kudos An aside, the translation is brilliant it s hard to seperate authors really, but amazing word choices and phrasing. I really enjoyed this collection of 6 short stories by the father of Russian literature.